This band resonates and plays what they promise

This is the kind of music which will appeal to mostly the old school fans and must be listened by those people in the Metal scene who are under an impression that nothing old school, traditional and worth their time comes out in these days. While production is very polished and is worth all the effort the band has taken to do it, this record does have its occasional flaws, but the band deserves an applause as they were bold enough to do what they believed in, i.e. follow the footsteps of their heroes. The music is reminiscent of bands like WOLF, LORD, ICED EARTH, SWITCHBLADE, JUDAS PRIEST and goes in a long way in underlining the fact that 80s style of Metal is still not dead, but it’s only getting more popular. And fellas, go drool over the riffs. METAL -TEMPLE
Morning Star // Metal Machine - Free Nation
  1. Morning Star // Metal Machine - Free Nation